SufferingFrom Lockjaw

Name: Suff Lockjaw
Country: Canada
Gender: Female
Status:  married to hubby IRL, wife in SL, and awesome SL guy-friend and polyamorous
Sexual Preferences: bisexual (leaning more towards men than women, but I love both)

Tell us a little bit about yourself...  
I am a VERY proud redhead, very sexual with an addiction to oral.  I adore doing photography, singing karaoke, partying when I can, spending time with like-minded perverts, and reading:)

What are your turn ons, kinks and/or fetishes? 
oral...  both fellatio and cunningulus.  Hearing someone cumming.  Deepthroating.  Light submission/BDSM (restrained during sex, force-deepthroated, hair pulled, commanded sexually but not degraded)

Any Fantasies? 
2 men fucking me (being the center of attention), bedful of women all to myself;)

What is your favorite sex position? 
doggy-style, and edge of the furniture bent over with one leg up and ass pushed up and getting fucked from behind (not quite doggy, but almost)

What is your perfect date? 
Dinner at a steak house, going out to sing afterwards (a man singing to me would get me wet, just sayin), followed by hours of hot sex.

What do you enjoy doing on SL? 
sex, building, sex, making poses, singing... oh and sex;) 

Something you want to tell your Fans? 
I am doing this because this is what I love.  I love doing films, I love the workings of machinima... and and I hope that you love what I end up being in:) 

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