Christina Vilda

Name: Christina Vilda aka Christinalokii Resident
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Status: Taken(But Open)
Sexual Preferences: Pansexual

Tell us a little bit about yourself...
Well I'm Christina, I'm 20 years old in college. Up for anything unless approached the wrong way heh so hit me up huh?

What are your turn ons, kinks and/or fetishes?
Turn ons are attractive men/hot women who know how to take care of their bodies. Kinks may have to be shemales xD

Any Fantasies? 
MMMF gangbang teehee

What is your favorite sex position? 
Riding cock Cowgirl or reverse, bulldog(face down ass up! ^_~)

What is your perfect date? 
Chillin out,,nothing spectatcular, dinner and a movie, not the romantic type xD

What do you enjoy doing on SL?
I do photography as my favorite hobby when I'm not riding dick xD

Something you want to tell your Fans?
Thanks for thinking of me to be your favorite pornstar in advance! You have my name, hit me up I'm always willing to chat ^_~

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