Katina Cazalet

Name: Katina Cazalet
Country: Italy
Gender: Female
Status: " It's complicated "
Sexual Preferences: Pixelsexual ( Will engage in pseudo-coital activities with graphical representations of other users. She has bias and standards, though. Has to be a multicellular organisms or a VERY finely crafted inanimated object to deserve a spot)

Tell us a little bit about yourself...
Hi everyone, i am Katina, Kat for short, and because everyone is going to call me that way anyway.
Except maybe some French and German people who call me Kati.
But that's because they are weird warmongering people.

Where was i? Ah yes. I like long walks on the beach, fine wines, good books, insensitive men and bagels with lox.
I am looking for a partner in crime, not the body in trunk type, who knows how to make me laugh and take care of my 18 cats.

What are your turn ons, kinks and/or fetishes?
Of course intelligence is a turn on, and humour.
Unfortunately i am also massively turned on by oral sex, the two don't combine that well, not simultaneously at least.
Kinks? Figuring them out in and with others is my pleasure, and my ultimate fetish resides in being the object of desire that you just *need* to have. Like the latest iPhone but not for the same type of purpose. I hope, you sick freak.
Also, long walks on the beach and sex with phones.

Any Fantasies?
Meeting someone special during a long walk on the beach and run off into the sunset.
.....To an elevator, where we have hot wax play. With the postman and the barely legal pizza delivery boy.

What is your favorite sex position?
Cowgirl...Amazon...Spider.... any riding position that allows me to show off my body and excite the audience, or if i wear the wrong physics, to give the viewer seasickness.
It's also ideal to avoid touching too much the sand when it happens after a long walk at beach.

What is your perfect date?
There's nothing (*) i enjoy more than long walks on the beach with my 10'' heels (not the 12'' ones, that would be ridicolous), watching animated gifs on a prim and perhaps a facelight-lit dinner looking at the moon, the stars, the sploder and the intan.

(*) Except maybe anal.

What do you enjoy doing on SL?
I love the social aspect of SL (that includes all sorts of interpersonal interaction, wink wink nudge nudge slut slut).
It would be an overstatement to say i have "photography" as an hobby, but i can't be without taking pictures whatever i do.
That'll be my excuse in court if i get on trial for blackmail, at least.
What else? Finding ways to waste money shopping, preening with the results of such shopping, digging in my inventory and of course exploring, whatever that means.
Also, do you know there are beaches in sl? I love long walks on those, under different windlight settings.

Something you want to tell your Fans?
Yes Mom, it's in the second drawer.

....ok seriously.
Stay hungry, stay foolish and see you at the beach!

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