Bacardi Lexenstar

Name: Bacardi Fall aka Bacardi Lexenstar
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Status: Taken/Collared/Married
Sexual Preferences: Pansexual (meaning I like women, men, shemales, trans, herms ect)

Tell us a little bit about yourself... 
Words to describe me...Wise, smart, strong, independent, intelligent, creative, honest, blunt, lovable, sweet, bitchy, polite, well mannered, open minded, silly, goofy, crazy, fun, stubborn, logical, spiritual, observant...I love to laugh and make others laugh.

What are your turn ons, kinks and/or fetishes? 
 I have a ass fetish on both men and women, I love anal, being fucked from behind, leashed, collared, chained, restrained, gagged, spanked by cocks, breasts , hands, paddle on my ass, breasts, pussy and cheeks as i suck a dick, fucking men and women with my strap on, making them gag on it as I fuck their mouths, I am into BDSM, bondage, I love trying out new things as well. I love hair pulling, light choking, having cum shot all over my body and face.

Any Fantasies?

 I guess being in this kind of lifestyle we pretty much are full filling our fantasies, but always a new one seems to pop up :P...but I can't think of one at the moment...

What is your favorite sex position?

 Being fucked side ways and from behind.

What is your perfect date?

Well I am into romance although in this generation it seemed to not exist as much...but luckily I like older men and women lol...I would say either a movie, play, opera, concert, picnic, drive, themepark, beach then relaxing cuddling by a warm fire drinking wine or alcohol and cuddling, talking, making out and of course, SEX lol...i do like love making also but always seems to turn into rough fucking lol...which I LOVE...

What do you enjoy doing on SL?

I enjoy building, designing, photography, shopping and hanging out. I love learning new things and everything. Knowledge is power.

Something you want to tell your Fans?

hmm...on SL, your dreams can come true easily then they can in RL.. but once you reach that dream and succeeded to full fill your goal, don't forget who you are, don't get lost in it...remember the person you are when you log off here...don't let the fame and glory get to your people recently have called me "humble"....stay humble...stay true.... :)

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