Ayita Jelany

Name: Ayita Jelany
Country: The Netherlands
Gender: Trans
Status: Taken
Sexual Preferences: Bi, preference for females or other trans

Tell us a little bit about yourself... 
Well simply put, I am just a whacked out tgirl with a heart of gold and tons of flaws, like every person. I can be fun, silly and a flirt. Though insecure to the bone as well, so it all depends on how i feel. I do style people if requested so thats never a problem.

What are your turn ons, kinks and/or fetishes ? 
Round Bodies, A good ass on a woman is just dayum...Black girls, Bimbos. And way many other things to list..

Any Fantasies? 
Already lived all of them

What is your favorite sex position? 
Doggy Style and Titty Fucking :>

What is your perfect date?
 Already found it

What do you enjoy doing on SL? 
Shopping, being spoiled, hanging with my friends and fucking of course

Something you want to tell your Fans? 
Keep your eye out for me, I am a ever changing avatar with a big appetite i tend to show off to the world.

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