Kai Barineaux

Name: Kai Barineaux
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Status: married
Sexual Preferences: Open

Tell us a little bit about yourself... 
I love what I do! I have been doing porn for 2 years now and it is a blast! 

What are your turn ons, kinks and/or fetishes? 
creativity, hot heels, leather

Any Fantasies? 
Lots! I would love to do a film with a t-girl or two Bi men.

What is your favorite sex position? 
I like to be on top, i enjoy being in control

What is your perfect date? 
Hot sex in a public place!

What do you enjoy doing on SL? 
Burlesque, Come to one of my shows and ill show you why i love it!

Something you want to tell your Fans? 
Thank you!!

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